PEST OFFENSE® is an Environmentally Safe Way to Help Control Many Household Pests such as Mice, Rats and Roaches

PEST OFFENSE® is a safe, effective and low cost form of pest control, which works without the use of traps or toxic pesticides and insecticides. PEST OFFENSE® utilizes patented technology that works through the electrical wiring in your home, office or any other building that has wiring.



PEST OFFENSE® is Safe for Your Family and the Environment:

  • Effective pest control in your home without hazardous chemicals
  • Uses EMF digital technology
  • Safe around: people, pets and food

It is designed to make the space within the walls of any building with electrical wiring “unfriendly” to pests seeking to nest within the walls. Consumers report positive results in as quickly as 2 – 4 weeks, controlling: rats, nice and roaches; consumers also report that PEST OFFENSE® also effectively decreases: ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish, water bugs and earwigs.